Trending October 2023 # Automated Survey Tools: 7 Best To Use In 2023 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Automated Survey Tools: 7 Best To Use In 2023 # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Automated Survey Tools: 7 Best to use in 2023




Using automated survey software will greatly benefit your business.

We’ve included plenty of products that have different price plans and features.

Some of these tools give you complete customization freedom of the surveys you make.

Save valuable time by creating multiple surveys simultaneously thanks to some of these apps.

Are your employees happy and engaged? Are your customers satisfied? If you don’t have a definitive answer to this question, then you might want to consider using automated feedback software.

There is no better strategy when it comes to finding out the state of mind of your employees than to connect with them directly and without them knowing who you are.

This will measure your employee’s engagement in an efficient way, offering you invaluable data in order to improve the state of your business. The same is valid for customers.

This type of software is very useful for individuals, medium and also big companies. Keeping in touch with your employee’s feelings and issues can help your business grow faster. Many business owners also find useful employee monitoring software which can boost productivity for most types of companies.

It will also reduce costs, offer your employees the opportunity to feel valued, and also reduce time consumption in tasks that can be automated.

Automated survey software also helps you to learn what your customers want and how they feel about your business.

In addition, you can run sociological-based studies using professional survey tools, ideal to measure the public opinion regarding your business or products.

So you can highly capitalize using such opinion analysis and find out how people are thinking about your products, what is there to improve, or how you should proceed in the future.

In this article, we will explore some of the best software options on the market that allows you to get automated feedback from your employees, survey group, clients, classmates, etc., no matter the size of your business.

JotForm is a modern tool that lets users make custom online forms with its easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

Using the Theme Designer option, you have the freedom to pick a design theme, change the color of your forms, adjust fonts, and even implement custom CSS.

Apart from allowing you to create various types of forms, including surveys and polls, JotFrom lets you collect all the answers directly in your email. You can even create fillable forms and add your company logo.

The tool offers multiple subscription plans, but you can also try it for free with lower limits on form counts and other features.

Check this useful list of the best academic software for surveys and see other tools that will help with your research.

Other key features of JotForm include:

Strong data encryption using SSL technology

Thousands of ready-made templates

Collect subscription fees and donations

Online form builder

Apps & forms integrations like ActiveCampaign, Dropbox, and PayPal Business

Mobile app for Android and iOS

E-signature, inventory, date picker, and other widgets

Convert form responses into reports

Automated approval flow


Build and customize professional forms with this versatile and intuitive tool!

Check price Visit website

This software is an omnichannel management platform to reach your audience better through surveys or other interactional ways.

SurveySparrow is a great communication tool, and not only for using surveys to measure your public opinion but also can help with automation, insights, or enterprise needs.

To be more clear, you are able to customize your surveys how you like, using more types of surveys and transmitting your products or values straightforward to the customers.

For instance, it is possible to choose from classic surveys, chat surveys, offline kiosks, or 360° assessments. According to your public interests, select the one who gathers your data effectively.

In addition to that, the channel you use to transmit your survey can be essential. That’s why you can select from a multitude of ways to be heard by your clients. Namely, you have in-built email surveys to customize and send, unique link share, SMS survey share, social share, QR code, etc.

Hence it’s possible to choose from various ways to reach your audience, be it the email method where you can white-label your emails and use A/B tests. More so, with SMS surveys it’s proven that respondents can react faster comparatively.

Therefore, using such resourceful tools you increase your survey open rate and get a better feel of your customers.

Other key features of SurveySparrow include:

Improved NPS: Sentiment analysis and score tracking

Subbaccounts and multiple users

Multiple language surveys

Visual workflows

Conversational surveys

Omnichannel survey feedback

Reports and studies in real time


Get more familiar with your audience sentiments or needs with this powerful omnichannel survey platform.

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SurveyMonkey is a great tool designed for business people that want to produce automated surveys that include a group of people.

This app’s free version is suitable for small businesses, and the paid tier can be used for medium to large organizations as well.

SurveyMonkey is easy to integrate into any system. It also supports a wide range of questions in its library, all of this by using AI (artificial intelligence).

One downside to SurveyMonkey is that it doesn’t have display logic support, but it still offers you a wide range of powerful features.

Surveymonkey has 2 types of plans available for you, depending on the type of organization you own:

Surveymonkey Individual package

This type of plan is specifically designed to suit individuals’ needs.

SurveyMonkey Standard

Unlimited number of surveys

Unlimited questions for each survey

1000 responses per month

24/7 customer support via email

Create custom quizzes and get custom feedback

An unlimited number of filters, crosstabs, trended data

Exports data in CSV, PDF, PPT,and XLS formats

Automatically switches users to next question

Text analysis

SurveyMonkey Team plans

SurveyMonkey Team Advantage has a wide range of features, thus it is hard to choose which features to present depending on your survey needs.

You can find a comprehensive guide about how to use SurveyMonkey for best results on the tool’s official website.

⇒ Get SurveyMonkey

Qualtrics is another great automated feedback software option that gives you the ability to automate and manage the entire range of processes required in order to help you obtain great survey data.

You can collect data, analyze it, and apply it to your company in a few easy steps. Data can be collected from a variety of sources, like online surveys, surveys for your employees, and even your customers.

This app is designed mainly for enterprises but also has the ability to adapt to the size of your business as it grows.

You can use the services offered by Qualtrics for a wide range of topics like market research, customer experience, product testing, employee experience, and also tracking options for your brand.

Qualtric’s Survey Flow feature allows you to gather information about the state of your company through the eyes of your employees and customers. This feature makes it easy to analyze the collected data by offering multiple and single-view options for any survey.

You can simultaneously see data on your desktop and on your mobile devices as well, and Qualtric also offers great support for logic conditions that include matrices.

You also have the ability to improve survey quality by using the ExpertReview service, you can use geolocation features with different targeting variables (20+), and is also easily integrated into Salesforce, Maketo, etc.

Here is a great list of the best webinar software that will help you connect to your customers.

Key features include:

Import questions from already completed surveys

Logical branching options

Block-based questionnaire

SurveyFlow options

Direct manipulation options for your questions

Great support for carry-forward questions – questions asked based on the previous answer

Drag and drop

100+ question types

Built-in survey templates

Can create and test surveys in real time

Expert tip:

Alchemer is a great automated feedback software that offers a wide range of features covering all your needs. This is a professional survey tool at the core, offering other solutions too for small or mid-sized businesses.

If you have experience with programming, you can easily use the Alchemer scripting system, based on JavaScript, to unlock even more power than the features provided by default.

With this tool, you can easily create different types of forms like payment forms, quizzes, and also professional-looking surveys.

You have the ability to import Microsoft Word documents into your survey for easy access to data stored in other mediums, and the wide range of templates will surely help you reach your goals faster.

This software has different solution packs on offer, depending on your business type and size.

Alchemer Free version offers you the possibility to run 3 surveys at a time, unlimited questions, and can get up to 100 responses.

Alchemer Collaborator includes features like an unlimited number of surveys and questions, no response charges, 25 essential question types, email support, and data exports (CSV, PDF, PPT, XLS)

Last but definitely not least, the Full Access plan includes all the existent features and others like crosstab reports, open-text analysis, TUF reports, SPSS report, R scripts, and much more.

The Enterprise plan can also help to solve more complex problems, with no barriers and powerful integrations.

⇒ Get Alchemer

Zoho Survey is a greatly powerful app that makes creating, managing, collecting, and sharing data a breeze.

This software was designed to keep the process of creating surveys as easy as possible, and it can be used to reach your audience on any device and also be able to see real-time results represented graphically.

In this software you will find a wide range of question types, over 200 templates, skip logic features, and can also drag-and-drop questions for ease of access.

The features covered in the Zoho Survey app, vary a lot depending on the type of license you are using it with. Next, we will explore the entire range of licensing options for this app and have a quick look over the features of each.

Zoho Survey Free

1 user

Unlimited surveys

10 questions and 100 responses per survey

Can build surveys in 7 languages

More than 200 templates

Limited question types


Mandatory questions

Answer validation

Can embed surveys in website

This version of Zoho Survey allows a single collector per survey, and also has HTTPS encryption, QR codes for surveys, password protection, you can set survey end dates.

Furthermore, you can try Zoho Survey Plus to have all features from the free version, adding unlimited questions and responses per survey, export to PDF, auto-fill, design customizations, collecting responses offline, and so on.

As well, Zoho Survey Pro includes all the features of Zoho Survey Free and Plus, plus CRM option, Google Sheets compatibility, Zoho SalesIQ.

Lastly, Zoho Survey Enterprise contains the features of the above versions, plus licenses for 1 admin and 2 users and trigger functions.

You can find a comprehensive guide about how to start using Zoho Survey on the tool’s official page.

⇒ Get Zoho Survey

eSurveysPro is a great lightweight software option that offers a good range of features covering a wide range of needs.

You can use this software to create surveys with ease, collect data, store it, and then apply the information to the way you run your company.

The incredibly wide range of features covered by eSurveysPro is structured in different versions of software with different capabilities depending on the size of your business and the number of surveys you want to create.

Versions and features of eSurveysPro:


Unlimited number of surveys

Unlimited number of questions per survey

Unlimited number of responses per survey

Easy-to-use survey editor

Access to 14 question types

Upload survey logo

Professional online reports

With eSurveysPro Basic you have all features from the Free plan, and more such as professional-level reports, 1000 email invitations/month, SSL encryption, priority email support, report print to PDF, and so on.

Furthermore, choosing the Premium plan you have included all features from the Basic and Free versions plus others like watermark removal, 2000 email invitations/month, reports filtering, customizable design, survey progress bar, and more.

The last two plans, Enterprise and Dedicated contain all the presented features above with 10.000 email invitations, 100 users access, 19 questions categories. More so, the Dedicated version has unlimited number of users, 100.000 email invitations, or a dedicated account manager.

⇒ Get eSurveysPro

The importance of surveys

When it comes to business and marketing, surveys can capture the importance of certain changes or aspects of your business, reflected through individual views and experiences.

As a business owner, you need to put your customers first and take their opinion into account before and after making any type of change.

Feedback is always helpful, and when it comes in the form of a survey, the results will create a clearer view of the benefits or downsides of a certain change or action taken by a company.

Useful tips when creating a survey

One might think that making a survey is as simple as writing some questions on paper. In fact, there are some factors that need to be taken into account when creating one.

Phrasing your questions is key. You need to pay extra attention to the way you word a certain question. This can change the way people interpret and respond to the questions.

Also, don’t make your survey too long, since people might lose interest due to its length and stop giving sincere responses just to get through it faster.

Improving business efficiency

Besides creating surveys to get feedback from customers or employees, there are other useful business practices that will help your company.

For example, automating simple tasks that would otherwise waste lots of time could be used in more productive ways.

Multitasking is not as productive as you think. When you focus on multiple things at once, your performance will not necessarily improve.

While people can multitask, they’re not necessarily more productive. Focusing on one thing at a time is the way to go.

The software options presented in this article will surely help you to get important feedback information from your employees, customers, or potential clients.

If you are a small business owner and you’re interested in protecting your sensitive data, we included the best solutions in this neat list of the best security software on the market.

The applications included in this guide cover all the features you could ever expect from this type of software.

We covered both user-friendly software options that are designed for single users, as well as professional-grade software that can be customized endlessly by using different programming languages.

Let us know which software you chose from this list and how it performed for you.

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