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Trending October 2023 # Different Features Of Drupal In Detail # Suggested November 2023 # Top 19 Popular

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Introduction to Drupal Features

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Various Drupal Features

Given below are the various Drupal Features:

1. Core Functionalities 2. Query Creation

Drupal helps users create queries without SQL, which is written in an abstraction layer. Drupal helps in data cleansing, creating tables and generating SQL queries. Here PHP data strings are used to get the queries and write on the abstraction layer. Nowadays, it supports the SQLite engine, which is based on the Microsoft SQL server. This abstraction layer helps Drupal users to run Drupal in Windows server.

3. Themes

Drupal offers color-based themes that help the users to create wonderful interfaces based on the core themes. Also, users can customize the themes based on the core themes, such as Garland and Bartick. The default theme offered is Olivero in version 9.1. There are several themes such as developer-oriented, user-based, bootstrap themes and foundation patterns. There are more than 2000 community provided themes in Drupal. Standardized formats are used to generate themes that is written by either PHPtemplate engine or Xtemplate engine, or Twig engine. Template engines are used that provides Drupal themes either in HTML or CSS and separated from PHP codes. GUI information is provided to developers of Drupal via the Devel module supported by Drupal.

4. Accessibility 5. Notifications

Drupal informs users about new updates in the website or news related to the addition of new features in the website. Regarding security updates, Drupal informs users, and they should update the application immediately after the notification. It is to be noted that backup modules are available in Drupal, which must be taken into local before updating the application. If there is any technical glitch in the application, the user can revert the update using the backed-up module stored in the system. The drush tool is provided by Drupal to take backups of the website, which helps users do it automatically.

6. Drupal Setup

If users require a fully developed Drupal site for a specific purpose, it is provided with a full package of modules and features of the website. Initially, users needed to customize the website or download a themed version and customize the same with Drupal. Now, any configuration settings are available in this core Drupal site, allowing users to work on it directly rather than installing third-party templates or features. This kind of website can be used for static websites where there is less interaction of users.

7. Architecture

Presentation Control Architecture or PAC is used in Drupal, where input is accepted from a single source and provides requests to various sources as needed. Data is collected from all the available layers, including the abstraction layer and passes through a filter system. This filtered output is given to the presentation layer. It also works with parallel PAC systems where data is passed through different filtering mechanisms. Here the main menu acts as the controller system.

8. Modules 9. Security

When there is any security glitch is found out, it is resolved, and the issue is notified to the user. This announcement makes the users to be aware of the security patches and any vulnerabilities in the website. It is very important to make the security update within the first few hours of the announcement and to take backups before the update.

10. Community Support

As Drupal is open source, the community support is large for the same, and it is available for any new updates that appear on the website. Professional or semiprofessional meetups happen for Drupal community supporters at anywhere in the world. Drupal Camps are also arranged to encourage the users and community supporters to enhance users’ knowledge of Drupal features.


Drupal helps people and companies to build websites and make them look and feel much better than the conservative websites. In addition, Drupal can be used by organizations to make customers engage with the content and make them feel privileged with the customized built of the website.

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