Trending October 2023 # Free Online Excel Course With Certification (3+ Hours) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Free Online Excel Course With Certification (3+ Hours) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 17 Popular

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Online Free Excel Certification Course

This Free Online Excel Course includes a comprehensive Excel Certification with 3+ hours of video tutorials and Lifetime Access. You get to learn how to get started with Microsoft Excel right from scratch. We understand various formulas, functions, calculations, formatting, Graphs & Charts, Pivot tables, shortcuts among other Excel features with the help of a case study.

MS Excel is one of the best things you should learn before you start your career. If you’re a student or pursuing accounting, finance, HR, or marketing, you must know MS Excel to be able to do justice with your career.

The basic idea behind this is to teach you the fundamentals of MS Excel so that you don’t need to search the net to find every function, every formula, and get derailed from the actual learning. And you don’t need to go anywhere to learn this basic skill. Just do this Free Online Excel Course, practice on your own, and apply.

If you do this course and feel benefitted, you can share this course with your friends, colleagues, peers so that everyone can learn MS Excel on their own without wasting so much time and effort.

About Free Online Excel Course

Course Name

Free Online Excel Certification Course


You get access to all the video tutorials for the lifetime


3+ Video Hours

Core Coverage

Learn how to get started with Microsoft Excel right from scratch

Course Validity

Lifetime Access


Is anyone serious about learning Microsoft Excel


No prior knowledge is required.

What do you get?

Certificate of Completion for the course

Certification Type

Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates?

Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These links can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills.

Type of Training

Video Course – Self-Paced Learning

Software Required


System Requirement

1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement

Speaker / Headphone

Free Online Excel Course Curriculum

Before we go into the prerequisites, target audience, and career benefits, let’s talk about the course briefly. This will give you ideas about what you will learn in this course-

Next, we will talk about the percentages & absolute references. Then, we will cover conditional formatting, IF function, Count-If, and Sum-If functions. Then, we will teach you how you can create charts & graphs, and you will also learn to create pie charts. Then, you will learn how to sort and how to filter. And we will also cover pivot tables, how to create pivot tables, etc. Then, you will also learn freeze & split, and presentation. Under the presentation, we will cover the table formats of the presentation and the indents & formatting charts.

Finally, we will talk about printing, where we will show you how you can print the worksheet and how you can print the headers & titles. You will also learn how to use shortcuts for formatting & navigation, section, data, and formula. Then, we will talk about the common errors you may make and how to be aware of them. At least, we will conclude the course by giving a brief overview of the lessons you will learn.

As you can see, you will learn a lot, and if you practice these within a very short period, you will be able to master MS Excel.

Free Online Excel Course – Certificate of Completion

What is Excel?

You may wonder why MS Excel and how it would be useful in your professional life. In this section, we will try to answer that question.

Here are a few important reasons –

MS Excel is quite easy to use. And if you’ve never used it, you won’t take a lot of time to figure out how to feed the data into the cells (boxes)

If you use MS Excel, it would be easier for you to be able to organize a complex set of data quite easily.

If you hate maths, you can just punch in the data, and MS Excel will do the needful for you.

You would also be able to use MS Excel to represent a set of data to the top management. You can just punch in a set of data and easily create graphs, charts, tables.

And the best part is you will learn all of the above in this free course and more. So, just sign up and see the magic happens.

Since you’re exposed to many, many MS Excel courses. But this one is different because this one is free, helpful, holistic, and also made with love for you.

Which tangible skills will you learn in this Course


As you can already see, you will learn a lot of micro-skills in this Free Excel Certification Course. Here are some of the significant ones –

Data Entry: This is the basic skill you would require to feed the data into MS Excel and to make sense of it. This is the first thing you will learn in this course.

Formulas and Functions: Many people think it’s easy to figure them out. Yes, by a lot of trial and error, you can figure these out. But what if you don’t intend to waste any time or effort and want to understand the basic formulas and functions? Then you need to do this course.

Charts & Graphs: Even if they sound enchanting, producing them needs a basic understanding of MS Excel. If you do this Free Excel Certification Course, you will be able to produce charts, graphs, and pie charts quite easily.

Generating Reports: Even when you do all the work, organize data, analyze them, and produce charts and graphs, you must know how to generate reports out of it. You will learn how to take printouts of headers, titles, and also worksheets in this Free Online Excel Course.


Though you would need nothing to start, here are a couple of things we think you must have to be able to do in this Free Online Excel Course –

Willingness to master basic MS Excel: Since this course is free, you may find yourself starting and stopping the course in between. Don’t do that. If you’re sincere about this course, the material, the learning, and the understanding of basic concepts will pay off. Your effort and time are the main ingredients for this course to be of the best value.

A computer/PC with an Internet Connection: If you have a laptop or a desktop and an Internet connection, you can win the world. And you can, of course, do this Free Online Excel Course and master basic MS Excel.

Target Audience

Students From any Domain: No matter what domain you’re in, you can do this Free Excel Certification Course and get the benefit. In every interview, you may face questions where you would be asked whether you’re proficient in MS Office, MS Excel, or MS PowerPoint. If you do this course, you will be confident enough to talk about MS Excel.

Any Professional: No matter what profession you’re in, if you handle data, you can use this course as a refresher. You may end up learning one or more things from this Free Online Excel Course and, as a result, would be able to apply whatever you would learn.

Any start-up Entrepreneur: If you want to master basic Excel, you can do so by signing up for this course. It will help you create projections and also create charts, graphs, and presentations.

Anyone who would want to master basic Excel: If you’re someone that wants to learn MS Excel but can’t find something useful, this Free Online Excel Course may be valuable to you. Just sign up and do the course, and you will know why this is the best free course on MS Excel you would ever find on the net.

Sample Preview Career Benefits

You will be eligible for most of the interviews: There are certain skills that employers take for granted, as if, they are the ‘must-haves’ in someone’s laundry list of skills. But if you want to impact the employer and get selected for the interview, you better be well-prepared. Along with preparing for the soft skills, you should also know MS Excel. And if you invest 4.5 hours of your time, you will be able to do a great job in the interview.

You will be able to produce an excellent work sheet: Producing and organizing data is a skill. And that’s why, if you know how you can create one, you would be way ahead of your peers. And you will also be able to interpret a complex set of relevant data.

You will be able to become a great presenter: Only producing excellent work sheets won’t help until you can create a report and showcase it to the top management. That’s why doing this Free Online Excel Course will help you print out reports that will help you present well and become one of the most intelligent employees in your organization.


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