Trending September 2023 # Help – My Vpn Isn’t Working With Pokémon Go! # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # Help – My Vpn Isn’t Working With Pokémon Go! # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Started using VPNs to play Pokémon GO, but can’t successfully hide your geo-location from the game?

Sorry to hear that, but it can happen – quite often, actually.


Because some VPNs are just poorly-configured and don’t work with Pokémon GO. Or because you’re only using a VPN, and nothing else. We’re leaning towards the second scenario since a lot of people just blindly use VPNs with this game without doing their homework beforehand.

So, in this article, we’re going to tell you why just using a VPN isn’t enough, what else you need to do, and how you have to do it on iOS and Android.

Obviously, if it gets conflicting information from your IP address and your phone’s GPS data, it will think you’re using a spoofing tool. For example, if your IP address says you’re in the UK, and the GPS data says you’re in Germany, Pokémon GO will automatically consider that VPN-like behavior.

After all, a VPN doesn’t change your GPS data at all, just your IP address. That’s why you need an extra app – one that spoofs your GPS data to make it match the VPN server’s geo-location.

We’ll include step-by-step tutorials for iOS and Android devices. We tested these methods ourselves, using the best VPNs to play Pokémon GO, and they worked well for us. The iOS setup process is a bit more of a hassle, but we’ll try to make it as simple as possible.

So let’s get started:

Download and install the VPN app on your device.

Now, the bad news is that you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone. The good news is that there’s a decent guide showing you how to do it.

When you’re done, head on to Cydia (an unofficial app store for jailbroken devices) and download tsProtector (an app that hides the fact that your iPhone is jailbroken from Pokémon GO).

Next, download and install a fake GPS app. In our experience, Location Spoofer always worked well.

When you’re done, start the fake GPS app, and pick a geo-location.

Then, run the VPN and connect to a server that matches said geo-location. Don’t use a different location, otherwise Pokémon GO will realize you’re using a VPN.

And that’s it! Go ahead and start playing Pokémon GO.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for any damage you might do to your iPhone when jailbreaking it. Make sure you follow all the instructions in the guide we linked. Don’t skip any steps because you’ll end up making some pretty big mistakes.

Download and install the VPN app.

Next, download and install a fake GPS app (Fake GPS Location is a good pick).

Look for Build number, and tap it seven times. Once you do that, you’ll enter developer mode.

Go back to Settings, scroll to the bottom, and tap Developer Options.

Immediately after, tap Mock Locations App (also known as Allow Mock Locations on other Android versions).

Look for the fake GPS app you installed, and select it.

Okay, now use this link to download and install the Mock Mock Locations module. Without it, Pokémon GO will know you’re using a fake GPS app.

Enable the module when it finishes installing.

Start the VPN, and connect to a server.

Now, start the fake GPS app, and use it to set coordinates that match the VPN server’s geo-location.

You’re finally done! You can start enjoying all the Pokémon GO content you want.

Using two services at the same time isn’t convenient, and neither are the setup processes we shared with you. But it’s the only way to hide your geo-location when playing Pokémon GO. If you don’t this, and continue using only a VPN, your account might eventually get banned.

And we’re not just speculating. If you check Niantic’s Player Guidelines for Pokémon GO, you’ll see that using any tool that can spoof your geo-location goes against their rules:

It’s right there: “using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location (‘spoofing’).”

So never try to change your geo-location in Pokémon GO without taking proper precautions. Always use a VPN together with a fake GPS app. Also, don’t spoof your geo-location too often, or the game might catch on to what you’re doing.

Usually, it’s to enjoy more content. This is generally the case if you’re from a smaller town or a rural area. Compared to players from big cities, you’ll find fewer Pokémon, PokéStops, and gyms. What’s more, you’ll miss out on a lot of socializing – Pokémon swapping, gym raiding, and battles.

Besides that, you’ll also be able to catch Pokémon that are geo-restricted to specific areas.  For example, if you’re from Japan, you’d be able to catch Pachirisu (only available in Russia in Asia).

Another good reason to use the VPN + fake GPS app combo is to get around firewalls. That’s something you need to do if network admins at school or college blocked the game campus-wide, or if the government forced ISPs to ban it (like they did in Iran).

If yes, how did you solve them? Was using a VPN with a fake GPS app enough like in our case? Or did you have to do something extra?

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