Trending September 2023 # How To Create And Use Cutlist In Sketchup # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending September 2023 # How To Create And Use Cutlist In Sketchup # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Introduction to SketchUp CutList

SketchUp CutList is an extension that helps us for creating a cutting list as well as the layout of any wooden model that means you can prepare a layout of cutting parts of any wooden object in SketchUp, and according to the layout, you can cut all parts from their assigned material on saw machines. In SketchUp, there is Extension Warehouse from where you can download free source CutList extension and use them to create a list of cutting parts of components and layout. However, there are some parameters about which you have to know for proper handling of the CutList extension.

How to Create and Use CutList in SketchUp

You can create CutList for any wooden component by using the free source CutList extension of the Extension manager of this software.

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So first of all, we will consider this component as a wooden component, and we will create CutList.

You can also find this Extension Warehouse in the scroll-down list of Windows menu of the menu bar.

You will have a number of CutList extensions here. In addition, you can download anyone from this list.

We will download this OpenCutList extension because it is quite handy and easy to use.

Once you install it, go to the Extension Manager option of the drop-down list of the Window menu.

And check that the CutList extension is enabled here in the Extension Manager dialog box.

Now in the Extensions menu, you will find the OpenCutlist extension.

Now let us assign material to parts of this component so that we can create CutList for that material. For assigning material, we will go to the Wood list of materials in the Materials panel, which is at the right side of the working screen, and i will choose this Wood Plywood texture.

And fill it in each part of this component because this component will make up of wood plywood. So you can use a number of different materials for different parts of a component.

Here in the dialog box of this extension, there are predefined materials, and my assigned material is also here.

This is a properties box for Wood Plywood material. Here you can change color for proper identification of the different parts of a component if there is a number of components with the same material. You can also change the name of the material as per your choice.

If we choose Solid wood from the list and it will show me all specifications of standard Solid plywood, such as Standard Thickness, Oversize for length, Width, and so on.

You can give dimensions for oversize as per your component requirement.

Here are standard thicknesses of solid wood material. You can enter the thickness value of your own materials if it is different from these values.

Let me tell you about one more material so if you choose the Sheet goods option from the list of the type of material.

Then there will be different parametrical settings that you can change according to your available material or default values.

There is one more thing in which direction you want to cut plywood material in Grain follows length or No grain.

For example, if you choose Grain Follows length, then it will cut in the direction of grains of material.

And you will have a list of parameters of cutting of component. We assigned one material, so there is only one on the list. You see, there is a red mark which is Thickness undefined. That means if the dimensions of your component are not matched with the standard value, then it will show an error to you.

It shows that the thickness of your draw component is not according to a standard thickness of plywood, so make sure the parameters of your designed component is according to the standard size of any type of wooden material.

And it will generate a cutting layout for parts of your component like this.

You can check the details of this cutting layout by scrolling down this window. If you want, you can print this layout also or save it for later use.


This is all about the CutList extension of this software, and now you can go with it for creating CutList as well as layout for cutting part of your wooden component. So here we saw how you can create CutList by using an extension of it. But, of course, you can use any other CutList extension for this purpose.

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