Trending October 2023 # How To Fix Msftconnecttest Redirect Error: 5 Methods # Suggested November 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # How To Fix Msftconnecttest Redirect Error: 5 Methods # Suggested November 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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The Msftconnecttest redirect error can be a frustrating and inconvenient issue affecting Windows 10 and 11 users. One of the reasons why the error is so annoying is that the interface provides little to no information on how to proceed.

The error is related to your internet connection, and when it happens, you will have difficulty accessing the internet from your computer. This article broke down the msftconnecttest redirect error on Windows 10 and 11, what causes it, and how to fix it for good.

Methods to Fix Msftconnecttest error

Here are 5 ways to handle the Msftconnecttest error and continue using your Windows computer.

Method 1: Reset your default browser

The steps below will show you how to reset a Chrome browser. The same method applies to all browsers, though.

Step 1) Close all your tabs on your Google Chrome browser and open a fresh one.

Step 3) Select Settings

Step 4) Select the Reset and clean up option on the left side of your screen.

Step 6) Select Reset settings and wait for Chrome to reset your browser settings.

Step 7) Check if the issue is resolved.

Method 2: Reset your network adapter settings

Your second option is to change your network adapter settings to fix this error once and for all.

Locate your Status tab

Step 5) Restart your PC and check if the error appears again.

Method 3: Change HTTP/HTTPS configuration

Here is how to properly set up your HTTP/HTTPS protocols in your settings.

Step 1) Go to your Start menu on your Windows.

Step 2) Select Settings to open the Settings App

Step 6) Scroll down until you find the HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The protocols are alphabetically named

Step 8) Restart your PC and check whether the error appears again

Method 4: Disable connection test using Group Policy

Below is how you can change your connection test using the Group Policy option.

Search for gpedit.msc

You should see the Group edit policy option on your start menu.

Step 8) In the next window,

Step 9) Check whether your issue is resolved

Method 5: Disable connection test from the registry

Here is another way to disable your connection tests from the registry.

Step 2) Search for Regedit to reveal the Registry Editor App

Step 3) Select Run as administrator. Make sure to confirm this action when your Windows operating system prompts you.

Step 4) 1. Once done, find the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetservicesNlaSvcParametersInternet.

Step 7) Check if the issue is resolved.

This option involves disabling the NCSI probes. It works if your computer is configured to carry out a connection test every time your applications try to connect to the internet.

Note: However, while this option might work, Microsoft does not recommend it because some of your OS components and applications rely on it. For example, your operating system might stop downloading updates even when you have a stable internet connection if you disable NCSI.

Therefore, consider using this as your last resort to fix the msftconnecttest redirect error.

What Causes the “msftconnecttest redirect” error in Windows 10 / 11?

The msftconnecttest redirect error occurs when you try to connect your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer to the internet through either a public network or a corporate network with a proxy server.

Some of the factors that primarily cause this error include:

Connection issues: Every time you try to connect to the internet, your Windows computer tries to determine whether you have an internet connection by running some tests. You are likely to encounter this error if the tests fail.

HTTP/HTTPS configuration: You are also likely to encounter this error if you haven’t properly configured your HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

Malware and virus infection: Sometimes, malicious entities will try to change your DNS settings and redirect your traffic by showing this error to steal your information and perform a number of other unwanted activities on your browser.

Regardless of the cause of the error, it is important that you know how to deal with it.

What can I do to prevent the msftconnecttest attack?

An msftconnecttest attack may occur as a result of malware when you visit malicious sites. The Malware takes over your browser and makes its own modifications, which then give it full control.

There are two ways to eliminate malware programs that might have affected your computer and browser and prevent the msftconnecttest attack.

Running a malware virus scan helps root out all the malicious programs that might have infected your browser and computer.

Changing your router settings involves logging into your router and changing the DNS settings to automatic configuration or changing them to the settings provided by your internet service provider.


Msftconnecttest is not a bug. It was designed by Microsoft as a way to test the internet connection for programs using the internet.

Windows carries out a series of tests every time a page or application fails to connect to the internet. One of the tests it carries out is a connection test by accessing this page to determine whether there’s a stable internet connection. If Windows can’t access the page, then it throws the msftconnecttest redirect error.

Sometimes the msftconnecttest error occurs due to a virus attack. In case of a virus attack, the DNS server will redirect you to another IP address that other users control.


The three main causes of a msftconnecttest redirect error are connection issues, the poor configuration of the HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and malware attacks.

Unless there’s a malware attack, the msftconnecttest redirect error is not caused by a bug. Rather, it is a helpful tool from Microsoft Windows to determine the best application connection.

To fix this error, consider using reset options such as resetting your browser and, or network adapter settings.

You could also consider changing your HTTP/HTTPS configurations, disabling connection tests using group policy, and disabling connection tests from the registry.

A virus scan using an antivirus program will also fix the error if a malware attack causes it.

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