Trending October 2023 # How To Install Intellij Plugins # Suggested November 2023 # Top 10 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # How To Install Intellij Plugins # Suggested November 2023 # Top 10 Popular

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Introduction to IntelliJ Plugins

The following article provides an outline for IntelliJ Plugins. We know that IntelliJ is one of the IDEs used for development and provides different features to the user so they can use the features of IntelliJ. So we need to add the different plugins for feature implementation. For example, suppose we need to integrate with different system versions; we need to track the issue, server management, and many other features we can integrate with IntelliJ.

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Key Takeaways

With the help of plugins, developers can work in more efficient ways.

We can make consistency in code, writing of code, well structure of coding, etc.

It allows for increasing the productivity of code and is easy to maintain.

We can easily do the onboarding process, or we can say that it is more user-friendly.

Overview of IntelliJ Plugins

Coding helps support different dialects and structures, easy route hints, live sees, file watchers, etc. Coding practices that can assist you with learning another programming language. The IDE plugins create records utilized by IntelliJ IDE, making it conceivable to open the undertaking from IDE (File – Open Project). Both outside conditions (counting related sources and Javadoc records) and task conditions are considered.

How to Install IntelliJ Plugins?

Let’s see how we can install the plugins in IntelliJ as follows:

First, we need to open the setting of Intellij with the Ctrl+Alt+S key; after pressing, we get some options, as shown in the below screenshot.

In the above screenshot, we can see the different options like Marketplace and install plugins; here, with the help of Marketplace, we can browse and install as shown in the below screenshot.

Different plugins are required, and with the help of install plugins, we can see all the install plugins listed. Most plugins can be utilized with any JetBrains item. Some are restricted exclusively to business items; others require a different permit.

IntelliJ IDE will tell you about the conditions if a plugin relies upon some other plugins. Assuming your undertaking relies upon specific plugins, add them to the rundown of required plugins. If current plugins don’t give some usefulness that you want, you can make your plugins for IntelliJ IDE.

Install IntelliJ Plugins Disk

Let’s see how we can install IntelliJ plugins from the disk as follows:

First, we need to download the zip or jar file of the required plugins.

Install the Plugin from the Custom

Of course, IntelliJ IDE is designed to utilize plugins from the JetBrains Plugin Repository. Here everybody can have their plugins. Notwithstanding, if you create plugins for inside use, no one but you can set up a custom plugins store for them.

Now follow the different steps for installation:

Remove Plugins

Let’s see how we can remove the plugins from IntelliJ as follows:

If we don’t want to remove them but need to disable them from IDE, we can disable specific plugins as per our requirement instead of removing them.


Given below are the FAQs mentioned:

Q1. Which are the best plugins for IntelliJ?

There are many different types of plugins suitable for IntelliJ, such as CSV, Multirun, Duckly, GitToolBox, Tebnine for Code Completion, Zero Width Character locator, and many more other plugins we can easily integrate.

Q2. How do plugins work in IntelliJ?


The plugin is nothing but the .xml file, which gives all the information about plugins. These files define everything about plugins. As well as it also includes the name, dependencies, and actions.

Q3. How to download plugins in Intellij?


We need to visit the plugin’s website to download any required plugins.


In this article, we are trying to explore the Intellij plugins. In this article, we saw the basic ideas of the Intellij plugins and the uses and features of these IntelliJ plugins. Another point from the article is how we can see the basic implementation of the IntelliJ plugins.

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