Trending October 2023 # Learn The Use And Examples Of Nargin Matlab # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Learn The Use And Examples Of Nargin Matlab # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Introduction to Nargin Matlab

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function [ op ] = usenargin ( input1, input2, input3 ) function [ parameter] = use nargin ( first input parameter, second input parameter, third input parameter) Why we use Nargin Matlab?

Nargin stands for n argument inputs; therefore, it is used to give a number of input arguments assigns to the function, and it deals with how many input arguments pass to the function. If we pass one parameter, then it automatically returns the count as one. If we pass two arguments by comma separation, then it will return count as 2 similarly, it gives appropriate n number of parameters count.


Here are the following examples of Nargin Matlab

Example #1

Let us consider one function with the parameter “op”. It includes a total of three input arguments such as input 1, input 2, and input 3.narging function will automatically assign the values to the parameters. Here we have assigned three variables as arguments so that we can get one argument or two arguments or three arguments along with nargin function. In this particular example, code will return result in terms of how many parameters are given to the function; if there is more than one parameter, then it will give the result as multiple parameters, and if the there is only one parameter, then it will give result in the form of a single parameter.

function [op] = usenargin(input1, input2,input3) if nargin < 2 display ('one input parameter') else display(' multiple parameters') end

Example #2

In this scenario, we have three input parameters referred to as input 1, input 2, and input 3. Previously, we demonstrated the utilization of an if-else decision. Now, we will showcase the implementation of a switch loop using the nargin function. The nargin function will determine the number of parameters and provide that information to the switch block. The inside switch block, depending on the value of the parameter number, will jump to the respective case block and accordingly give the result. If there is only one parameter, then it will go to the case 1. Case 1 will give the square root of a value. If there are two parameters, it will jump to the case 2 and case 2 will give the addition of two values which we pass through the function call. And if there are three parameters, then it will jump to the third case, and the third case will return the result as the addition of all the input parameters.


function [ op] = usenargin ( input 1, input 2, input 3 ) switch nargin case 1 op = sqrt ( input1 ) case 2 op = input 1 + input 2 case 3 op = input 1 + input 2  + input 3 otherwise error ( ' need parameters ' ) ; end end

Example #3


function [op] = usenargin ( input1, input2,input3,input4) switch nargin case 2 op = input1 : input2 case 1 op = 0 : input1 case 3 op = input2 : input3 case 4 op = input3 : input4 otherwise op = 0 ; end end


In this article, we have seen how to use the nargin function .it can be applied for if-else statements, for loop, switch, and other major terminologies in programming. By using the nargin function, we can pass multiple parameters as well as a function name. It has one more parameter that is varargin; it gives negative values as a result.

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