Trending October 2023 # Phase By Phase Installation Of R With Prerequisites # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Phase By Phase Installation Of R With Prerequisites # Suggested November 2023 # Top 18 Popular

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Introduction to Install R

The following article provides an outline for Install R. R is one of the most commonly used statistics software that comes for free in the market. It is the most commonly used open-source statistical analysis tool that is available in the market. It supports analysis as a simple programming or an interactive mode.

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Prerequisites of Installing R

R program needs to be installed on the computer to be used.

Verify R is already installed on the windows machine:

If either of the above steps has not succeeded in starting the R program, it indicates that R is not installed on the system and has to be installed for use.

The next task is finding out the latest version of the R program. The CRAN or comprehensive R network website list all the version of the R, where the desired version can be selected. There is also an option to get the latest release which can also be leveraged in case one is not aware of which version to use. R has been releasing new versions regularly, and it is actively improved over time. Therefore, it is always recommendable to regularly install the latest version to ensure compatibility with all the R packages downloaded.

Steps for Installing R on Windows

Below are the steps for installing R on Windows machine:

Step 3: From the list of the sub-directories, we need to select the base link.

Step 4: The next page will show a link showing something like R 2.10.1 for Windows. The xx.x denotes the version of R. Select the link to proceed further.

Step 6: On being asked about what language to choose, please choose English.

Step 7: The setup wizard will appear in a window where we need to choose next to proceed with the setup.

Step 8: The next page on the wizard will show information on the top.

Step 10: The following page will ask to select the destination location where we want to install R. By default, the location will be the program files folder in the C drive on the system. Location- c:program files.

Step 17: Select either of the below steps to start R.

Step 20: R console like below will appear, and the R program will get started.

Brief Working Knowledge on R

Given below gives brief working knowledge on R:

1. The R commands have to be written into the console for carrying out different analyses. Blue is an example of an R prompt. The commands are submitted by pressing the enter key.

2. After starting up R, commands can be submitted into the console, and the results will be calculated immediately. Below are a few examples:

[1] 7

3. All variables, including scalars, vectors, matrices, etc., that are created by R are called objects. Values to variables are assigned using an arrow in R. For example, we can assign the value 2*3 to the variable x using the below command.

4. For viewing the content of any object only typing its name is enough, and the contents will be displayed. Below is an example:

[1] 6

5. Their different types of objects in R like arrays, matrices, vectors, scalars, lists, tables, and data frames. The scalar variable text shown above is an example of an R object. Unlike a scalar variable that contains a single element, a vector consists of several elements. The elements that are stored in a vector is of the same type as numeric or characters. A list consists of different types of elements consisting of both numeric or character.

6. R offers a help function, and it can be used to get the details of any command and its usage. Below is an example of getting help for the log function:

7. When someone is not sure of the exact function or knows it partially, it can be searched with either and RSiteSearch() functions.

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