Trending October 2023 # Principles &Amp; Characteristics Of Agile Management # Suggested November 2023 # Top 16 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Principles &Amp; Characteristics Of Agile Management # Suggested November 2023 # Top 16 Popular

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Definition of Agile Management

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Simply we can say that, a technique for iterative and incremental development of software involving collaboration between teams.

Principles of Agile Management

The Philosophy of agile is basically rested on the idea of enhancement of workers’ capabilities, making the work easier, and completing work in a time-bound manner.

Agile emphasis on the idea of the breaking of the project in different sections so that the chances of mistake should be avoided and also to limit the resources and to save energy of the employee.

It works on the principles of collaborative management so that there should be a proper link between the worker, management, and client. This type of management saves time and money.

Agile management is more centric toward the betterment of the client or customer, any requirement change by the client or customer is easily alterable during this process without any hustle.

The principle of integrity and accountability is well used in agile management; as we discussed above, this pattern is based on customer needs, and management is totally accountable to the client for the project and work.

The principle of resource and workforce management is also much prevailed in this type of management.


The work is completed in a time-bound manner without any extra burden on workers.

The resources, time, and money of the company are saved. This is helpful to earn more projects and make a profit.

The client and customer go satisfied with the work because and everything in the project is done with the consent of the customer.


Below are the Characteristics of Agile Management.

Scrum: This is the best way to implementing agility due to its flexibility. Its emphasis is on feedback, team management, and properly tested products. It results in the visibility of goals and techniques for improving work quality.

Quality: In this particular method, quality is the utmost character, which gets more priority. The managers and the management emphasis more on quality because a good product is everything that makes the reputation of the company, and the client is also concerned more about the quality of the product.

Visibility: This management type encourages the active participation of the client in the product development, which enhances the visibility between the user and management of the company; also, the requirements of the user/client are easily alterable according to need.

Resolution of Issues: The main principle of dividing work into small sections is useful to resolve small problems that occur during the process. When any fault/mistake occurs during the execution of the project, it is easily manageable with agile management. This is the best thing in this type of management, and it enhances the quality of the product more.

Flexibility: In other software and techniques, when a project is under construction if any problem occurs or any needs of requirement change is there, it is very time-taken and burden full task for the team to alter it, but thanks to agile management, which gives the flexibility to alter the project and induce necessary changes in the project when required.

Relationship: Better work quality, flexibility, and good communication between user and team make a good relationship between them both. Which results in better performance and a peaceful environment for upcoming projects also.

Transparency: The agile work approach provides a better opportunity for the client to be attached to the project and look after the working of the project, which gives him satisfaction. It sets the transparency so that in the future, a client should not be able to blame the company for the faults in the project.

Accuracy: if we talk about the accuracy of the agile management projects, it’s quite satisfactory, and no influencing faults occur during and after the project. So one can expect good results from the agile.


But this remains to be seen what changes will be introduced in the agile management because work culture is changing and also the type of work and projects are also changing which strongly required a positive vision, approach and also a dedicated software which handles all these works easily and effectively.

The present approach is effective but not up to the mark for future projects, so the thinkers in this field must think about these issues and come out with a new and comprehensive method that replaces agile or upgrade it into the best form. As far as the management and workforce are concerned, they should be given proper training and education about agile and its upcoming updations so that they got prepared.

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