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Trending September 2023 # Salesforce Developer Interview Questions And Answers # Suggested October 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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Introduction to Salesforce Developer Interview Questions

A Salesforce developer is a programmer who develops various applications through the Salesforce platform and puts it across the different Platform as a Service (PaaS). Salesforce developer interview questions are important questions asked by Salesforce experts to hire a Salesforce developer. Salesforce developers design, develop and customize applications. It is said to be one of the highest-paying jobs worldwide, where the average salary is about $88,025 annually.

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that provides the software and services to create a convenient user experience, especially in digital marketing. To put it simply, a Salesforce developer has an understanding of how Salesforce works. Salesforce benefits small and large-scale firms with exclusive benefits, such as configuration, API integration, scalability, free capacity, lower ownership fee, support to the Platform, and more. The contribution of Salesforce has been revolutionary in Customer Relationship Management. Its market share predicts a global rise in the demand for Salesforce professionals in the coming age.

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Key Highlights

Salesforce is the leading CRM service provider in the world. Thus it is becoming a vital part of successful business organizations.

There is a massive demand for salesforce developers in the market because of its wide range of features.

To be a salesforce developer, you must be thorough with the concepts, from basic definitions to complex execution methods.

These interview questions are for beginners who are yet to start their career in the salesforce field.

Essential Salesforce Developer Interview Questions

Q1. What is Salesforce?

Answer: Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company that provides customer relationship management(CRM) and applications required for customer service, sales, marketing automation, and analytics.

Q2. What are the principal Salesforce subsidiaries?

Answer: The principal subsidiaries of Salesforce are Tableau, Pardot, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, QuickBase, NetSuite, Leadfeeder, Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, and Socket.

Q3. What is Cloud Computing?

Answer: Cloud computing is information stored online rather than on a computer’s hard drive. It defines the principle of proximity for access to information. So keeping information on your nearby local network, office network, or hard drive will be just computing.

Q4. What are Salesforce standard fields?

Answer: The identity, name, and system fields are common for every object in Salesforce.

Q5.What is CRM?

Answer: CRM, thoroughly known as Customer Relationship Management, is a Salesforce tool whose principal goal is to build consistent business relationships with existing and potential customers.

The benefits of CRM are as follows:

Stay in touch with customers

Streamline the sales process

Increase profitability

Technical Salesforce Developer Interview Questions Q6. What is a Custom object in Salesforce?

Answer: In simple words, a custom object is a storehouse of all the information in a tabular format. This information database table is concerned with the stockholding company or industry. Salesforce automates several functions for optimum user experience, such as building page layouts.

Q7. How does Salesforce deploy sales tracking?

Answer: Salesforce tracks an organization’s sales by collecting sales numbers, customer details, repeat customers, and customers served. This data gets organized into detailed reports, charts, and dashboards.

Q8. What is the difference between Saas, Paas, and Iaas?

Answer: Given below table shows the difference between Saas, Paas, and Iaas:

SaaS PaaS IaaS

Software as a Service. Platform as a Service. Infrastructure as a Service.

The cloud provider delivers applications over the Internet, relieving you of complex hardware and software management. The cloud supplier provides the services such as networking, servers, storage, and virtualization. The cloud provider acts as a runtime environment for all web- applications.

The applications run on SaaS providers’ servers. PaaS applications should integrate into all Information Technology (IT) infrastructures. The cloud service provider also maintains the back and scalability, so you don’t have to worry about managing the infrastructure.

Q9. What is the master-detail relationship?

Answer: The master-detail relationship implies that one should be able to control the display of the display record based on the master record. For example, if a food delivery service, the delivery schedule is always related to the delivery location.

Q10. What are the permission sets?

Answer: A permission set is a tablet you create and maintain which defines the Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies. Permission sets help you in giving secure access to various tools and information and also extend your current access to information without changing your profile.

Q11. What is a many-to-many relationship? Q12. What is the difference between Role and Profile?

Answer: Given below shows the difference between Role and Profile:

Role Profile

The role allows controlling access to Salesforce, which affects the reports generated. Profiles are mandatory for all involved in viewing the report for better performance.

Having a part is like being an editor on all the data shared/owned by the users. Shapes vary based on the extent of access a user has to the records at Salesforce.

The users fall below the hierarchy of a stakeholding organization to Salesforce services. The users can only work in the Salesforce org if assigned to a profile.

Q 13. What is the use of SOQL? How is it different from SOSL?

Answer: SOQL, also known as Standard Object Query Language, evaluates a single or a list of Objects for count method queries. It retrieves data from the Salesforce platform and resides the information inside Apex or Visualforce. SOSL, also known as Salesforce Object Search Language, is different, as it can track multiple data tablets. Also, SOQL and SOSL are used for a query call and in a search call, respectively.

Q14. What are the Governor’s limits? Give an example. Q15. What are Sharing rules?

Answer: Sharing rules involve a custom configuration of settings that allow exclusive database sharing to the entire or part of the Salesforce users’ base. It selects the records to share with the users and the access level to these users or groups.

Q16. What is manual sharing?

Answer: Manual sharing in Salesforce is about individuals sharing certain records. Manual sharing is a special kind of access to specific databases only to certain people who would not have access to it any other way. Use it only when it is impossible to define the user group in the command to share records with databases.

Q17. What is a Workflow in Salesforce, and what are its types?

Answer: Workflow in Salesforce automates the standard internal processes and procedures, saving time. It has two components, criteria and action. It is possible to sum these instructions as an if/then statement. There are two components of the workflow rule, i.e., standards and action. The criteria and quick action in the if/then statement are if and then, respectively.

There are two types of workflow: immediate and time-dependent actions. Quick actions take place as soon as the required workflow criteria are standardized. Time-dependent actions contrast with quick actions as they operate after a particular time, even though the workflow criteria are standardized.

Q18. What is a Trigger, and what are its various types? Q19. What is an Audit trail?

Answer: An Audit Trail is instrumental in tracking administrators’ changes in the organization. The Audit Trail covers the 20 most recent changes made in the organization by the administrators. It helps to know the date & time, who made the change, and the kind of changes made.

Q20. What is lightning in Salesforce?

Answer: Salesforce lightning speeds up app development and its performance. It involves using a Lightning Component Framework, where responsive building applications get more accessible as well.

Final Thoughts

Besides the 20 questions above, there are more questions the interviewer might ask if you apply for the job profile of a Salesforce developer. A candidate should conduct better research on the position and company in such cases. Also, the more examples you can give in your interview while giving a theoretical answer, the better lands the impression on the hiring manager.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Given below are the frequently asked questions:

Q1. What are the three most commonly asked questions in a Salesforce developer interview?

Answer: The three most commonly asked questions are:

What is Salesforce?

What are the principal Salesforce subsidiaries?

What is Salesforce Standard Fields?

Q2. To be a Salesforce developer, is it required to get registered as a Salesforce employee?

Answer: Salesforce developers do not necessarily work for a Salesforce company. They use the Platform to build the desired application for other companies through Salesforce.

Q3. What is the CRM market share of Salesforce?

Answer: As of November 2023, Salesforce’s CRM market share is 32.24%. It has the highest market share, with ActiveCampaign and Pardot having the second and third highest market shares.

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