Trending October 2023 # Shell Scripting Course (3 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Shell Scripting Course (3 Courses Bundle, Online Certification) # Suggested November 2023 # Top 11 Popular

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About Shell Scripting Course

Course Name Online Shell Scripting Certification Course

Deal You get access to all 5 courses, Projects bundle. You do not need to purchase each course separately.

Hours 34+ Video Hours

Core Coverage Learn shell scripting programming, Linux bash scripting, write shell programs and use it to save time with automated scripts.

Course Validity Lifetime Access

Eligibility Anyone serious about learning Shell Scripting and wants to make a career in this Field

Pre-Requisites Basic knowledge about programming would be preferable

What do you get? Certificate of Completion for each of the 5 courses, Projects

Certification Type Course Completion Certificates

Verifiable Certificates? Yes, you get verifiable certificates for each course with a unique link. These link can be included in your resume/Linkedin profile to showcase your enhanced skills

Type of Training Video Course – Self Paced Learning

Software Required None

System Requirement 1 GB RAM or higher

Other Requirement Speaker / Headphone

Shell Scripting Course Curriculum

In this section, each module of the Shell Scripting Course Certification Course is explained.



Course Highlights

Project Highlights


The goal of this training is to help people understand some of the basics of shell scripting and to introduce them to simple and powerful programming language under the Bourne shell. The main target of the course is to make the learners have good exposure and understanding of structured training and projects.

Objectives Course Highlights

The contents of the course have been designed in a way such that it satisfies the expectation of the shell scripting programming to the learners. The concepts and the modules you will be taught are mentioned below in a described manner.

Shell scripting on Linux will be covered in the initial phase of the course where the learner will understand the evolution and effectiveness of using shell script programming. This module unveils the basic concepts of shell scripting like the implementation of shell scripting, with an understanding of variables, functions, and arrays.

Linux Bash scripting training will be covered which helps the learners to understand the effectiveness of using bash scripting. This style of programming will help them to understand how multiple tools can be coupled to solve complex problems.

Shell scripting and its building blocks will help the individual to understand how to perform implementation and build effective scripting tools to solve more complex problems. It will provide the template and guidelines to be followed while building shell scripts.

Understanding the structure and architecture of shell scripting will help us to build more effective scripting tools to solve the organization’s complex problems.

A Project on shell scripting will be part of the training, this phase will provide good understanding and exposure of the shell scripting concepts covered. Through this, you will implement the concepts of shell scripting more practically. It provides more knowledge and understanding of the shell script programming.

In the final phase of the training, shell scripting with Cygwin is introduced which is intended to provide shell programming understanding related to searching and sorting. This course provides information on how the implementation will be carried out with Cygwin and also helps you to run and compile the scripting tools in any Operating system irrespective of (Window or Linux)

Project Highlights

To improve the knowledge and understanding level of the trainees, there are few important projects covered as part of the course. The major objective of including projects in the course content is to help the trainee to have practical implementation knowledge and expose them with better hands-on experience.

Project on Bash shell scripting has been covered as part of the course. The objective of the project is to perform shell scripting with the Data analyst’s perspective. You will learn to work with datasets to identify the insights and flow of data. Performing shell scrips with data analysts will help you to be familiar with the following commands (cat, find, grep, cut, sort, unique). These commands act as a filter. Shell scripts filter help the analysts to perform data preprocessing and identify the insights out of the data to understand the trend. After completion of the project, you will be in a position to perform data analysis using shell scripting.

Once completing the course and the projects associated with it, the learners will be in a position capable to perform implementation of shell script programming which helps them to solve more complex real-time industrial problems, as well as help them to leverage their career.

Shell Scripting Course – Certificate of Completion

What is Shell Scripting?

A Shell is an interface that acts between a user and an operating system that understands the human-readable code and converts them into a form that kernel understands. Shell scripts are small text programs with a sequence of commands for Linux based operating system and saved under the extension .sh. Shell scripts have three elements namely keywords, commands, functions, and control flow. Shell scripts do program execution on the prompt, file manipulation, manage the process and execute other programs, remote task management, and programming functions. The shell script is used in a variety of tasks to automate daily schedules.

You will get to know the basic Architecture of Unix and its command lines to execute. And you will be trained well in real-time industry projects. you could learn shell scripting basics and the creation of small custom scripts. This Shell Scripting Certification course helps you to automate work with bash scripting and gain working knowledge on variables loops and other string operations.    


No particular pre-requisite is required. This course includes knowledge of Operating systems.  This Shell Scripting Certification course is absolute for the beginners of Linux and candidates interested in shell Scripts. Some prior experience on Interactive Linux shell, background knowledge on variables and functions, programmers of Python, C, who could read shell scripts. The system administrator should have limited knowledge of scripting to understand server behaviors, maintenance, and upgrade. Basic knowledge on command lines and vi editors required apart from complex knowledge.

Target Audience

It is designed for beginners and professionals. Data analyst, Unix professionals, administrators, mainframe Professionals can be a target audience. This shell scripting course is beneficial for the newcomers and experienced professionals who are interested in developing their career in Unix Fields. Attendees like developers, team analyst s, Analyst managers who want ample their career can go for shell scripting course. Individuals from entrepreneur Business Intelligence can lead this training. Bash shell is highly recommended for administrators, network programmers, and Linux users.

Shell Scripting Course – FAQs What are the key benefits of taking Unix Shell Scripting training?

  It helps to work in multiple environments like testing, developments, etc.

What are the Career opportunities of the shell Scripting course?

After this Shell Scripting course certification, you could work in top companies around the world in Hadoop, SQL domains with high paying jobs.

 How about the Duration of Shell Scripting course training?

It takes nearly about 34+ hours to complete the training.

Upon completing this shell scripting training what you will accomplish?

Basic shell scripting structures are understandable and working with programs and implementations of functions.

How is this Shell Scripting Training Certification delivered to attendees?

The delivery is online with high-quality videos with effective trainers.

Sample Preview

Career Benefits

After finishing this Shell Scripting Training Certification, it is very helpful for the candidates to work in the fields like Hadoop development, ETL testing, Big data domain, Java Production, and SQL Production. There are a lot of opportunities in Unix ecosystems and Shell Scripting. People who dreamt about a career as a Linux administrator or a manager can have good career growth. Shell scripting jobs are wider those who acquire perfect certification and experience. you can easily build your career as UNIX administrator, System Admin, Senior System engineer, network operators. Shell script developers’ jobs have extensive growth in enterprise firms.


Perfect experience Lorenzo K. Mariner

Good online course

I strongly refer to my colleagues interested in shell scripting courses to ample their career growth. The shell scripting course is well -structured and you will grasp the script in no time with essential knowledge.

Stuart Anderson

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