Trending October 2023 # Two Ways To Implement Steganography # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular |

Trending October 2023 # Two Ways To Implement Steganography # Suggested November 2023 # Top 12 Popular

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Introduction to Steganography Techniques

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What is Steganography?

Steganography can be defined as the science of hiding the data like file, image, video, or message to the other file, image, video, or message. In Steganography, the useless bits are actually replaced by the useful bits in order to hide the required file into any of the files or data mentioned above. It plays a vital role in cybersecurity by allowing legitimate users or peers to send the data in a highly secured way so that it could be protected from the hacker or malicious users who are intended to harm or abuse the system. It can be done using software that is available in the market for free or paid.

Steganography can also be considered the practice of concealing the crucial data into any of the files to be transmitted securely. The applications like SteganPEG, OpenStego, a so on are used to fulfill the purpose of wrapping up one file into another. Steganography’s applications hide the required file’s bits into another file so that the original file doesn’t lose its characteristics. Thus, it can be considered pretty more secure than encryption or hashing. In these cases, the attacker can sniff at least the junks, but in the case of Steganography, they won’t be able to detect if anything important has been transmitted. It is usually applied at a place where the data has to be sent secretly.

Techniques of Steganography

Below are the two ways to implement steganography:

1. Using Application

There is numerous software available in the market like Image Steganography, Steghide, Crypture that is used to implement steganography, and all of them are supposed to keep the internal process abstract. The application has a simple interface that lets the user submit the details like which file they want to use for this purpose, what message they want to hide behind it, etc. Once the user provides all the required details, the application performs the required operations and makes the message hidden and ready to be forwarded through the provided file. Based on the operating system that you will be used to perform this, there are different applications available in the market. All the application does the same work, but the things are all about how quickly it processes the request.

2. Manual Method

One can also hide the data behind the files using the manual process. For that purpose, the terminal in kali Linux could be best. In the cases where the window’s command prompt fulfills the requirements, it can also implement steganography. There are simple lines of codes that have to be written that include choosing the file that has to hide the data behind it and the message that you need to hide. Once the details are submitted with the proper command, it will lead to hiding the data behind the given file and will make it all set to transfer the message securely. In the behind of the application, it runs the manual codes to hide the data behind the file, and as in the manual process, the codes are supposed to be submitted directly, which saves huge time, which could be utilized to double ensure the security of the data.

Working with Steganography

The application works in a manner like this; it asks the user to upload the file that has to be hidden, and then it asks to upload the file under which the first has to be hidden. It processes both of the files with the algorithm in order to hide one under another one. The entire process takes some time as it needs processing the file in the background, but the file will be shared with the concerned parties as soon as it is completed. In most cases, the defence or army uses this approach at its best, and it’s all possible due to the algorithm running behind the application to make it happen.


Steganography is one of the most important methodologies used in cybersecurity in order to protect the crucial data before getting transmitted to the public or private network. It is leveraged by the military and organizations to transmit critical messages from one host to another. If anyone wants to grow their career in cybersecurity, it is something that they should know how to work in order to get an edge into their existing skillset. One can learn it and make the door of opportunities open for them in several large organizations. All of them use this technology very frequently throughout their crucial operations.

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